RQM014 - Francesco Passantino - Vaporizer Ep

After the two sold out releases we could not wait anymore to drop another stunning Ep from Francesco 
Passantino and we aim the same with this RQM 014 Vaporize...r Ep. 
Both tracks Vaporizer and Square Root are two iconic minimal sound with smooth syncopated paths minimal grooves and and hypnotic analog synth sound modulations that have a real strong impact during the mix.
Two dance floor killer tracks for a release impossible to miss.

RQM013 - Gabriele Mancino - Aether Ep

The only vinyl imprint Roundqube Musik is back on the scene with its 13th release. Gabriele Mancino joins the Berlin based label for the first time delivering a fine minimal pack with two bouncy original plus a mental trippin remix made up by Andrea Ferlin week known for his appearances on such label as Sleep is Commercial, AMAM and Vinyl Club.

RQM012 - Matt Star - Radio EP

Having released a number of tracks for on Level NO Zero, Cocoon, Escapism and Tanzbar, the german guy from Frankfurt, Matt Star finally breaks on our Rounqube Musik dropping his own EP after the appearance on the 2X12 Roundqube Family Anniversary. Radio EP is a crazy minimal microphunk four-tracker with 3 originals with precious bouncy remix of the main track reworked by the label ambassadors' Gabriele Carasco and Francesco Passantino.

RQM011 Francesco Passantino - Climate Ep

After several tracks and remixes 4 hands worked with Sonartek, Gabriele Carasco and Bion, the label founder Francesco Passantino drops the second solo Ep on his own label RQM.
4 stunning and various tracks ranging from a groovy bounced minimal to a dark micro house.
Mastering rendered from The Code Studio gives the cherry on the cake to this dancefloor killer pack. ENJOY!


RQM010 - Round Qube Family - Anniversary

The Berlin based imprint RoundQube Musik gets its 10th release. To celebrate this goal the label’s guys have brought together the whole “RQM Familien” dropping an eight track double vinyl: besides the usual suspects like Francesco Passantino, Gabriele Carasco, Luca Torre and Sonartek, “die Familien” grows with new friends such as the well known Frankfuter producer Matt Star, Jakob Seidensticker (an element of Wareika) in cooperation with Boronas, the Japanese talent Kaitaro, Enzo Pietropaolo and the co-owner of the label I-Max with Blesgroove.

RQM009 Sonartek & Francesco Passantino - Groovegan Ep

This Berlin based imprint drops once again a special minimal & microhouse 3-tracksr vinyl borned by the cooperation of Rqm's label lord Francesco Passantino with Sonartek. Mental grooves and dark breaks melted to create an eclectic ep adaptable to several set times. Another great example of the Round Qube DNA, show the deep need the crew to propose high quality standards both music research and in sound mixing and mastering.

RQM008 Francesco Passantino & Bion - Visiopax Ep

Francesco Passantino and BioN focus their 20 years experience in music each for the RQM 08 Visiopax Ep' Two original tracks with a different touch, a melt of researched infusion between classic deep techno and mircohouse with mad baselines and insane piano rolls tunes.On the remix side RQM hosts for the first time, the Highgrade record lord Tom Clark wit a groovy masterful detroit edit and the old good friend from The Code Studio Gabriele Carasco with a break beat dreamy tune.

RQM007 Sonartek - Pressure Tube Ep

The talended Italian based artist "Sonartek" dropped 3 dope minimal orginals on the 7th Rqm releaseto show why his music are unique. A deep trip into dark frequencies and mental groove tunes of high quality sounds. Once again for the remix rqm hires the cooperation of Francesco Passantino & Gabriele Carasco for a massive deep break beat remix. No more to say just listen and enjoy.

RQM006 Christopher Ledger - Seventh Orphism Ep

Berlin-based RoundQubeMusik welcomes Cristopher Ledger (The Code Studio, Berlin) with Seventh Orphism EP' which includes three original tracks plus a remix from Gabriele Carasco & Francesco Passantino. Judging by the vastly different set of sounds used here, from the elegance of the piano to the hypnotism and abstractism of the synths mostly due to experiments with modular synthesis. 'Seventh Orphism' is an EP which marks out Ledger as a very good artist to watch out for.

RQM005 Francesco Passantino - Molekular

The young Berlin label RoundQubeMusik gets on its fifth release, last one for 2014.
To sing it is the Italian, German based, Francesco Passantino, who now adds the "Molecular EP" to his rich discography.
The common thread of the three songs contained in it is definitely the rhythm, on which glide sounds and tangles of micro melodies. The title track also is reinterpreted in the remix of Rush Arp & Maurice Giovannini, continuing on the same path marked minimalist hypnotism, a defined time MicroHouse.

RQM004 Third Child - Lapperzone Ep

Third Child is a new project aimed to mix sounds micro-house and house music ..very influenced by the sounds of artists such as:Three Angles, Zavor, Sammy Dee, Cabanne, and many others. EP of 4 tracks including remixes of SONARTEK producing for Kismet records, Sono Vivo, Baile Musik, Little Helpers, Get Physical Music, Hypergroove, Sonartek are known for and are distinguished by their obsessive research for analogical sounds towards the creation of deep atmospheres.

RQM003 Danilo Schneider - source shape

We present Danilo Schneider´s first record " Source Shape" on Roundqubemusik with two unique tracks. This Ep is a great opener for the early summertime. The passion and the elegant arrangement is the hallmark of Danilo what you can feel, and hear at any time. Not Enough. The two great remixer Ilario Liburni from Invade Records and Roundqubemusik Labelhead Francesco Passantino catch the original Tracks and put it in the right direction. Cheesy rollin cuts, deep basslines and groovy sounds are perfect for the peaktime. These magnificent reworks is combining of a whole massive Ep.

RQM002 Gabriele Carasco watch more Ep

Gabriele Carasco (The Code Studio Berlin) after his EP on Fasten and Amam, where he received numerous feedback from various artists including: Luciano, Radio Slave, Marco Carola, Agoria, Âme, etc, in 2014 he joined the catalog RoundQubeMusik. 3 deep tracks of its own kind. groovy and minimal , with a touch as a musician.

RQM001 - Luca Torre - True Life

Nowadays Luca Torre from Highgrade Records is one of the most requested names in Berlin (Panorama Bar, Club Der Visionäre): his track on A side is a sweetly trip under Minimal/Deep House domain. B side include two remixes, by Daniel Dreier, with romantic pads, and Francesco Passantino from Little Helpers, responsible of hypnotic revisitation with obsessive rhythm and minimalistic sound patches.

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