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RQM010 - Round Qube Family - Anniversary

The Berlin based imprint RoundQube Musik gets its 10th release. To celebrate this goal the label’s guys have brought together the whole “RQM Familien” dropping an eight track double vinyl: besides the usual suspects like Francesco Passantino, Gabriele Carasco, Luca Torre and Sonartek, “die Familien” grows with new friends such as the well known Frankfuter producer Matt Star, Jakob Seidensticker (an element of Wareika) in cooperation with Boronas, the Japanese talent Kaitaro, Enzo Pietropaolo and the co-owner of the label I-Max with Blesgroove.

  • a1: Gabriele Carasco & Francesco Passantino - Detour
  • a2: Kaitaro - Surface tension
  • b1: MattStar - Syncussionist
  • b2: Sonartek - Compagnero
  • c1: Enzo Pietropaolo - Mirror Reflection
  • c2: Luca Torre - Bubinetta
  • d1: Jakob Seidensticker & Boronas - Black Light Express
  • d2: Blesgroove & I-Max - Kurkuma

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