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Started DJing in ’94 and since then kept experimenting with technology, first using a Roland sampler later with drum machines and computers. Live gigs have always being paired with radio broadcasting of dance music shows and DJ sets on few radio station in southern Italy. His sound, despite changing over the years in different shades of electronic music, has always been heavily influenced by his black music background: groovy basslines and catchy rhythmic parts together with soulful leads and - now more, low less - vocal parts. Since 2012 he’s part of Plugger band/project which takes sampling and re-using sounds as its own manifesto. With the band he performed at Sonar 2014 festival in Barcelona and released an EP with Davide Squillace on ThisAndThat. In 2013 he moved to Berlin to work closely on music technology and started exploring the selection of techno/house music the city offers. The style of his sets (Chalet, Kosmonaut, Loftus Hall, Bertams, …) now got towards darker textures and more abstract leads.