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Since he was a little child he was attracted by the music, especially by soundtracks of certain movies which helped him to open his mind to electronic music, but his real passion started in the 90s during Sunday afternoon club parties. From 1996 to 1998 he plays as Dj in variuos clubs and special events (Cocoricò, Insomnia, Imperiale, Red Zone, The West) . And starts a musical adventure together with a couple of friends founding the "Air Kraft Vision". With their joint experiences they created a live-act of progressive and tech-house matrix based on midi sequences created and mixed live; on stage were shown machines like MC-303, MC-505, JP-8000 and glorious TR-909 and TB-303. In 2003 he becomes a member of "SpostaMenti" (mooving-minds), project created by Francesco Zappalà making his first live act opening at Distorsione Futurmusic Festival in Bologna Link. In 2004 Francesco Passantino, founded his personal label "Tractorecords", which today is managed with the friends Francesco Zappalà e Giosuè Impellizzeri , and starting collaborations with important acts such as Steve Stoll and Groove rebels.. As a producer, related to a Minimal Techno and Tech House context, crosses the boarders reaching out to Germany with Whirlpoolsex Music e Keno Records ( on the latter is released the succesfull “Monosynth” including the Kollektiv Turmstrasse remix). His continuos cooperation with the german booking Interklang allows him to reach as a dj guest renowned clubs all over Germany. Furthermore he is cooperating with Sabrina Carnevale and Sonartek and has a regular weekly presence on the radio show Soundzrise broadcasted by the italian radio M2O. At the end of 2010 Francesco gets in touch with Artists from Berlin and in 2011 with his friend Francesco Zappalà creates the summer event at the Delano Beach in Ibiza. In 2012, after some gigs for Francesco at The Arena Club he decides to stay and live in Berlin where he starts a regular weekly gig at the Eschschloraque. In these days Francesco is working on new record project together with Sabrina Carnevale and Dino Lenny.

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