11 March 2016

Hoppetosse Berlin

The Code Studio Berlin

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Hailing from Naples but grower in Tuscany ,BioN is one of the hardest working DJs in the underground Berlin scene since 2006.
BioN represents the dynamic Musikommt crew and is seen at a neverending series of lauded events from Club der Visionaere ,Hoppetosse, Golden Gate, Anita Berber, Chalet, Kater Holzig, Arena Club, Tresor, BonBonBar, Minimal Bar, Promenade Eck, Club Aquarium London, Animal Social Club Rome and many more.
Resident in Hoppetosse and Mini.mal Bar Berlin.
His fresh and cheerful sound connected with his desire to express art develops his DJ set to a continue research of sonority which ranges from Deep House, Dub Minimal to Electro.Every time following his maxim “Feel the Rhythm”.
He started recently a new duo producer project with another Italian Berlin based , Francesco Passantino and working together for his first Ep Production by Roundeqube Musik

References Clubs:

Club der Visionaere // Hoppetosse // Golden Gate // about blank // Chalet Club // Kater Holzig // Anita Berber // M.I.K.Z.// Arena Club // Tresor // Berghain Kantine // MINI.ElktroKneipe // Mein Haus am See // Sanatorium23 // CCCP BAR BERLIN //
Animal Social Club Rom (IT) // Lido Turistico Naples (IT) // Arenile Naples (IT)